July 14, 2024  

Home Seller’s Guide: How to Sell your Property, From Start to Finish

Selling your home is both exciting and a major milestone in your life, so you’ll want to be prepared for what to expect to avoid a stressful process. Having an in-depth look at the seller’s journey can help you make informed and confident decisions.

The Seller’s Guide will cover the seller’s timeline from meeting an agent to preparing for closing day. We’ve outlined the 6 steps in a home seller’s journey below.

1. Working With An Agent

Every city is filled with thousands of agents, but not all are equal. We believe it is important to choose an agent that you feel confident with. Before you commit to working with an agent, make sure you have a good understanding of the knowledge and experience they offer. It’s important that you ask your questions before making the decision to work with them.

2. Deciding Your Next Move

If you’ve decided it’s time to move, the first questions our clients usually have when it comes to selling their home is whether or not they should buy their new home or sell first. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this – it truly depends on your unique situation. The right agent will be able to explain your choices, and point you to experts that can help you understand your financing options. Once you’ve figured out your next move, you’re ready to move on to getting your home market ready.

3. Getting Your Home Market Ready

The time before you list your home is critical for developing your sales strategy, including if and how you’ll stage your home and if you should complete any repairs or touchups before going to market. This is also when you’ll discuss your marketing strategy with your agent, including:

  • How your home should be priced
  • If your home will be advertised through print or digital channels
  • How you can find success selling your home off-market (if you’re looking for a more private selling experience)

4. Listing Your Home

Once your home has been listed on the market, it’s time to prepare for showings and getting ready to evaluate offers. Our seller’s guide will give you a foundation of knowledge that will help you navigate this process with your agent seamlessly. Inside, you’ll find information on:

  • How to keep your home in show-ready condition
  • What to expect if you’re holding an offer night, or if offers will be accepted at any time
  • What the differences are between a “firm” and “conditional” offer
  • What are some of the most common conditions you’ll find on an offer

5. Preparing For Closing

Once you’ve selected an offer, it’s time to start getting ready for closing. During this time, you’ll want to complete any action items required on your end to fulfill the buyer’s conditions and make sure you’ve selected your real estate lawyer.

6. Closing Day

On closing day, you’ll hand over your keys and the proceeds from the sale will be transferred to you. Our guide outlines what you can expect from that process and how you can best prepare.


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